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Our services include :

upholstery services, Chair repair & seating repair,
re-upholstery, marine seating re upholstery, auditorium seating
re upholstery, hotel seating re upholstery, bar Seating re upholstery, bar Stool seating, restaurant seating, hospital seating
re upholstery, orthopaedic Seating, egonomic Seating, saddle stools, posture stools, dental seating
re upholstery, dental stools.

About Chair Doctor

We have been in the office chair and furniture sector for more than 20 years and can advise you on
your furniture requirements. All to often we have seen piles of unused chairs office and reception left in a pile ready to be taken away (at a cost) and just dumped.

Today we are moving away from just throwing our furniture out and getting new seating.
We are now thinking Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

These chairs are just lying up outside the company stores where no one appears to know what is actually wrong with them maybe it’s a castor fallen off or a cracked base or the arm has fallen off?
Most seating has little wrong with it and can be fixed as new for little investment.

Well maybe we can help, with a number of helpful services designed to get those chairs back
Into use or if this is not possible be able to advise what chair is required for your particular need.


chair doctor       chair doctor       



The sectors in which we have knowledge and experience are:

  • Office
  • Dental
  • Marine
  • Bar, Hotel & Restaurant
  • Auditorium/Theatre
  • Health boards
  • Hospitals

All you have to do is to call us out and for a small fee (returned if an order for over €100 is submitted).



Our Services include:

  • Parts replacement and chair assessment
  • Upholstery upgrade including replacement of foam & fabric
  • Steam clean on Upholstery and polish on Plastics
  • Ergonomic chair advise
  • Foam made to measure with a wide range of densities to suit your requirements
  • A wide range of seating from Office Economy to Bespoke tailor made seating


Most common problems with chairs

  1. Gas Lift - If your office chair is sinking slowly or rapidly, or it will not move up and down, you are in need of a new gas lift. One of our friendly staff can come out to your workplace or home and replace your worn out gas lift for a high quality, brand new gas lift with 2 years warranty.
  2. Wobbly Chair - This can be caused by a few different problems stated below
  3. Mechanism - The mechanism is the part under the seat of the office chair that operates the gas lift, the back adjustment, and various seat adjustments depending on the model and complexity of the chair. If your chair is wobbly or various adjustments do not work you may need a new mechanism for your office chair.
  4. Broken Base - The base on your office chair is the star shaped base at the bottom of the chair. If your office chair has a broken base it can either be obvious, or not quite so obvious. The obvious sign is when one or more parts of the base are cracked or snapped. Less obvious signs are the gas lift stem touching or almost touching the floor, or a castor may not stay in the base of the office chair due to the casing that holds it in being broken. This is a problem we can easily repair onsite for you.
  5. Castors - Broken castors on your office chair are usually easy to identify. They are either clearly broken off, or they don't roll and move freely any more.
  6. Broken Seat Timber - A broken seat timber usually happens at the point where the office chairs arms screw into the seat, and also happens at the front of the seat. If the arms of your office chair are wobbly and you can see that the seat timber moves with the arm bracket, the chairs' seat timber is cracked. Also if the front of the seat moves freely it is broken.
  7. Loose Back - If your office chairs' back isn't firm and moves around a bit there are a few different problems it could be. It may be that the inner back of the office chair is broken and requires replacement. Other causes are the back post maybe broken, or it may need adjustment.
  8. Fabric frayed – because regularly people sit perched on the front of the seat they put a lot of emphasis on that particular part of the fabric and so it gives.


We provide the following services for our clients and we have clients throughout Dublin & Ireland:


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