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Dental Saddle Stools
From €199 ex vat

Our services include :

upholstery services,
re-upholstery, marine seating re upholstery, auditorium seating
re upholstery, hotel seating re upholstery, bar Seating re upholstery, bar Stool seating, restaurant seating, hospital seating
re upholstery, orthopaedic Seating, egonomic Seating, saddle stools, posture stools, dental seating
re upholstery, dental stools.

Memory Foam Products


Make up your own...bring in your foam cushions and we can replace them.....

We use many density foams suitable for lots of applications, including reconstituted foam in 3 different firmness, firm packaging foam and viscose elastic in 3 different grades ranging from super soft to hard(Memory foam),


               24lb Soft and not dense suitable for light applications

               36lb Slightly more dense and suitable for seating back cushions

               40lb Firm and high quality foam suitable for Office seating or general seating were 
                        there is a limitation on thickness

               50lb Heavy industrial seating suitable for coaches/buses

Please note that H denotes HARD; S denotes SOFT;


              5lb   recon is suitable for many applications which require heavy and frequent usage and is                       usually used with a top layer of softer 24lb or 36lb foam.
              6lb   recon similar to the makeup as mentioned above however a little firmer
              8lb   recon similar again to the makeup as mentioned above however very firm


So if you want to carry out the upholstery yourself, drop in and we can give you some
advise as to what materials you may require. Please ring before hand to arrange an


If you require adhesive to join foam together we can supply high quality spray cans.


Ergo Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillows

Consider what you sleep on as important as an ergonomic task chair and workstation. Chair Doctor has created pillows that help maintain spinal alignment during sleep. These foam pillows mold themselves to the contours of your body, providing cradling support to your neck and head relieving pressure points and allowing muscular and skeletal relaxation.


The ergonomic design of this pillow cradles your head and neck. Its contour (peanut) shape supports the arch in your spine. The pillow comes with a cotton fabric which can be easily removed and washed. Size guidelines: Most adult men use the standard or petite. Most women and children use the petite.


Pillows come in 4 heights suitable for children to Large adults (large shoulder width).






When placed underneath your posterior, this supportive wedge creates elevation and changes the angle in your spine while driving, thus reducing back pain. Incorporating the use of Reconstituted Rigid foam, our Seat Wedge supports warranted for 2 years. Note that the taller portion of the wedge should be positioned towards the back of the seat. Wedges measure 3" high x 12" wide x 12" long (8 x 30 x 30 cm). They come with a removable cotton cover and are available in Black 100% cotton.






Mattress sizes

We can produce a mattress to your requirements which include height width, depth and grade variations.









90cm x 200cm x 20cm


2´11" x 6´6" x 8”

King Size

150cm x 200cm x 20cm


4´11" x 6´6" x 8”

Super King

180cm x 200cm x 20cm


5´10" x 6´6"x 8”

All of our mattresses come with at least 4 cm of High quality viscose elastic material.