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Dental Saddle Stools
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upholstery services,
re-upholstery, marine seating re upholstery, auditorium seating
re upholstery, hotel seating re upholstery, bar Seating re upholstery, bar Stool seating, restaurant seating, hospital seating
re upholstery, orthopaedic Seating, egonomic Seating, saddle stools, posture stools, dental seating
re upholstery, dental stools.

Health Boards / Hospitals


In current times we are reusing equipment by reupholstering existing seating which in most cases are in good condition thus making great savings.
We can assess your needs by auditing your furniture requirements using high quality and durable modern vinyls.
Such as...

A unique MRSA controlling Fabric Range
Lionella has been designed using a broad pallet of both contemporary and traditional designs. Encompassing modern neutrals, warm classics and vivacious bright colours. It offers designers and specifiers exciting choices and would complement any environment from Healthcare to hospitality and all public seating areas.
Lionella, more importantly is ideal for use in high risk Infection Control areas and has been developed incorporating an inorganic Silver Zeolite based antimicrobial ingredient, Ciba (R) IRGAGUARD (R) B 5000. This ingredient provides long-lasting effectiveness, counter-acting even the most infectious organisms such as MRSA and e-coli bacteria.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Stain Resistance
Lionella is resistant to urine, most household stains, mild acids/alkalis, drinks and beverages as they are not absorbed by the vinyl and can be wiped off without any problem or lasting damage.
Some difficult substances such as lipstick, ball point pen ink and food colourings should be cleaned off immediately to avoid permanent staining.

Regular cleaning with warm soapy water and followed by a clean water rinse, will help retain their attractive appearance and durability. Heavy, ingrained soiling may be removed by scrubbing with a soft brush.
Strong detergents, solvent cleaners, polishes or patent chemical cleaners should not be used as they are unnecessary and may cause embrittlement and cracking of the material.

Additional Care

Special attention should be given to head-rest and arm-rest areas, as build-up of body oils in these areas, will gradually cause the vinyl to harden.
In cases where disinfecting is necessary, the vinyl surface can be cleaned with a 10% solution of bleach in water. This should only be used occasionally, as excessive use may damage the coated fabric.


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